Chris-Designer for Schaible DesignsChris Schaible, Owner

Chris’s computer career started when he was in junior high school when his family was the first one on the block to get a computer.  With this first exposer to computers, Chris’s interest with computers increased when his mother bought him a code book for writing simple DOS games.  From there Chris expanded his programming skills after school when he and his friends would write basic codes to make graphics on the monitor.

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Chris continued to use computers all through high school.  His interests changed from programming the games to playing the games.  After high school Chris went to Texas State University to pursue a music performance degree.  After several years of study, Chris decided that the performance degree was not what he wanted and he quit school and joined the AirForce.

In the Air Force, Chris was trained on computer networking.  Unfortunately, Chris was transfered to a postion as a Unit Deployment Manager and was not able to continue his training in computer networking.  After separating from the Air Force, Chris tried his hand at dog training, particularly dog agility, when he decided to start a career in computers again.

After completing a couple of online courses, Chris found The International Academy of Design and Technology where he his currently studying for his Bachelors of Science degree in Web Design and Development.  Currently Chris has knowledge of: HTML, CSS, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Flash, and WordPress.